Drive Responsibly featuring Vin Diesel and Paul Walker!

Hi Everyone!

This summer I interned at Liberty Mutual Insurance in the Auto Claims department. In an effort to engage with the interns across the different offices nationwide, the University Relations team had weekly intern questions in which we were able to enter to win a gift card. One of the weeks, the prompt was to create something that was comical in which the company would be able to educate its employees and policyholders on how to live safer lives. It didn’t matter whether we made a video, comic cartoon or just drew a picture; however, there was one requirement which needed to be met: We needed to educate our audience by using platforms and examples that would be used and would occur in 2013.

When I saw this question posted, I knew that I had to incorporate the last The Fast and the Furious sequel, Fast 6; into whatever it was that I was going to create. They gave us an example of one way that Liberty Mutual educated its employees in 1940, which was the comic you see below and told us to make something that would be used if we were to fast forward to 2013.


Here is the video:

Having recently seen Fast 6 and remembering when my friends say, “Every time I finish watching a Fast and the Furious movie, I go out onto the road thinking that I am a professional car racer,” I decided to put one and one together and use that, as well as Instagram to create the video. Granted, this video is very choppy and there is no audio (at least one that I planned to have because I was at the office), however, it did win me a $25 gift card for simply having fun!

P.S- You are probably not as talented as Vin Diesel and Paul Walker…Next time you are rushing to work because you snoozed your alarm one too many times and you are about to take the curved exit ramp at 65mph, please please please, think again!

– Cinthia


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